Unit 4_Singing

Talking about Music: this is the listening and vocab. activity we talked about this morning. I encourage you to listen to the audio again at home and find the answers.


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UNIT 2_different tasks

GRAMMAR_ Some of the rephrasing exercises we have been doing in class to revise the different uses of past tenses

FictionBannerVOCABULARY / SPEAKING_ Here are some more words for you to expand your vocabulary. Please notice there are examples and some advice on how to give a short talk about your favourite book/film – upcoming task.

Halloween writing



HALLOWEEN is almost here, we will talk  about some of the traditions associated to this British mediaeval celebration, trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples or telling horror stories. In Unit 2 we will be writing a narrative and using all the past tenses we have revised in the grammar section, so I encourage you to celebrate Halloween by writing your own scary story. Click on the following link for some advice, there are 3 different options which I am sure you will find useful and challenging. Have a spooky holiday!

Writing a horror story